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Palisades Electric is a full-service, electrical contracting company serving all of Los Angeles, but with a special focus on Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Santa Monica, and West Los Angeles.

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Family-owned and –operated by brother and sister team Jamie Mcleod and Carolyn Minium, Palisades Electric tries to differentiate itself from other electricians and electrical contractors in a number of major ways:

First and foremost, through the quality of the work. We employ only the best-trained, most knowledgeable and experienced electricians in Los Angeles. We, along with our staff, keep up to date with both the technical side of electrical contracting as well as all relevant housing codes. We won’t leave until the job has been completed, and completed to our uncompromising standards. Our customer service is the best, as you’ll read below, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is the superb quality of our work.

Second, we are “just the right size.” We are not too big, not a franchise of a chain with an 800 number that directs you to a national call center, and we are not too small, not a guy running a business out of the back of his van with a cellphone. We are a reputable, established business that provides each customer with personal care. Our office, convenient to the Palisades and the West Los Angeles area, is open from 8am to 6pm every weekday, and it is where Carolyn personally answers the phones and helps customers. (If Carolyn’s on the other line and you leave a message, your call will always be returned the same day. Carolyn won’t leave the office until every call has been returned.) Our size means that our electricians are in constant radio contact with our office.

Third, we are trustworthy. This means that not only are our electricians and apprentices good people with spotless backgrounds, but that they are knowledgeable and experienced to address your electrical issues in a capable, safe way. Our electricians are polite and respectful when in your home. Also, our success as a business comes through repeat customers and referrals, so you can trust us to charge reasonable, fair amounts for the services we perform.

Finally, even though our work is the best, our prices are extremely affordable. Our goal is to provide exceptional work and service at an affordable price. Our electricans work quickly and efficiently. We want to be an excellent value.

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Palisades Electric began here in the Palisades in 1984, when Jamie McLeod, then a successful, independent electrician and lighting designer, decided that the time had come to open his own business. Word quickly got around about Jamie’s talent and trustworthiness, and soon the business-side became a full-time job unto itself.

Jamie needed another person to “run the office,” and he wanted someone who shared his attention to detail and his passionate desire to satisfy customers. He quickly decided on the perfect candidate, his sister, Carolyn, who was at the time a kindergarten teacher.

Some of the same warmth and communication skills that Carolyn had used with her kindergarteners seemed to work pretty well with the electricians on staff and with the customers. Her friendly personality quickly made a mark, and Palisades Electric gained its reputation for both follow-through and caring about each customer.

As the years went on and Palisades Electric’s good standing and business grew, Jamie and Carolyn hired many skilled electricians and apprentices. But they were careful never to let the business get so big that they couldn’t be personally involved in some capacity with each job.

Today, in the business’s twenty-third year, the same formula of superior electrical work, outstanding customer service, and affordable prices has made Palisades Electric the premier and favorite electrical contractor in West Los Angeles. Carolyn still answers the phone in the office and coordinates each job. In addition to supervising the staff of electricians and apprentices, Jamie still also makes service calls. (In fact, if you call us with an emergency, the electrician who often comes out will be our owner, Jamie.)

Jamie and Carolyn were raised in the Palisades, and they raised their families here, too. Each still lives in town.